Droneflute - Key of F#

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IMPORTANT Disclaimer: We are currently transitioning from larchwood to maple, all 432hz droneflutes in the key of F# already only available in maple wood. If you would like to purchase one of our last 5 hole larch wood flutes in 440hz, leave a comment at checkout.

Behold the warmth and grounding charm of our F# Double Flute.

With fingerholes measuring approximately 8mm in diameter, they're slightly more spaced apart than those on our high-range flutes, but remain comfortably within reach for anyone with medium-sized hands.

The F# key of this mid-range flute resonates with a warm, soothing voice, creating a relaxing and grounding experience for both the player and the listener. What sets this double flute apart is the enchanting, fairy-tale-like drone that it adds to your music.

Engraved with a sacred dream catcher, this AMA drone flute has been expertly crafted from maple wood. To enhance its natural beauty, it is stained with our selfmade walnut stain and sealed with food-safe oils.

With a length of 52cm, this flute is the perfect size for handling and playing.

Each flute comes with a simple cloth bag and a container of flute care oil for maintenance.

Like all AMA Flutes, this model is available in the standard 440hz, or optionally in 432hz. Upon request, we can also manufacture this flute in 528hz.

Please note: The images included in the description serve as examples. As wood is a natural raw material, variations in shape, color, and grain are to be expected.

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