Sind AMA Flutes vegan und biologisch? - AMA Flutes

Are AMA Flutes vegan and organic?

To the best of our knowledge, they are. Our dedication to sustainability and ethical craftsmanship shapes every aspect of our flute making.
We choose to work with maplewood, not only for its tonal qualities but also because it is resourcefully harvested, ensuring we respect and preserve nature’s balance. Our unique walnut stain, lovingly applied to each flute, is concocted from entirely organic ingredients, further aligning our creations with our commitment to natural purity.
The finishing touch, a seal of plant-based, food-grade oils, guarantees the preservation of the wood while honoring our ethical stance. This approach not only enhances the flute’s durability but also ensures it remains a product that’s in harmony with vegan principles.
Additionally, in our pursuit of a completely vegan product, we’ve opted for cotton ties instead of leather to secure the block of each flute. This small but significant choice underlines our commitment to creating instruments that are not just musically enriching but also kind to the earth and all its inhabitants.
At AMA Flutes, each flute is a symphony of ethical choices, crafted not just for musical journeys but also for a better, more sustainable world.

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