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Welcome to the world of AMA Flutes, born from a fusion of artistic passion and skilled craftsmanship. We are Jakob and Samuel, the heart and soul behind these exquisite meditation flutes.

Our story begins with Jakob, whose deep immersion in meditation retreats sparked a fascination with the calming power of music. This led him and his wife, Hanna, on a transformative 20-month sojourn through Nepal and India. There, inspired by a Russian flute maker’s craft, Jakob began his foray into creating bamboo flutes, laying the foundation for what would become AMA Flutes.

Returning to the Black Forest, Jakob refined his craft, specializing in Native American style pentatonic meditation flutes. Using local woods, he infused each flute with the essence of tradition and the tranquility of nature.

To bring this vision to a wider audience, Samuel joined the venture. With a background in a family-owned carpentry business, Samuel brought invaluable expertise in optimizing processes and a deep understanding of wood – a perfect complement to Jakob’s artistic skills.

Together, we at AMA Flutes are committed to offering flutes that are not just instruments, but pathways to tranquility and introspection. Each flute is a testament to our dedication to quality, aesthetics, and the enriching power of music.

We are profoundly grateful to live our dream, crafting flutes that resonate with the hearts of many. Join us on this melodious journey, where each note played is a step toward inner peace and harmony.


Mission statement

We bring high quality and aesthetic flutes into the world. It is our heart’s desire to offer a tool for deep and soulful expression of the spirit. Therefore we are keeping our flutes at an affordable price to make an intuitive and meditative musical experience available to as many people as possible.

Our Flutes

At AMA Flutes, each instrument is a testament to the rich heritage and soothing tones of Native American-Style Flutes. As passionate flute players ourselves, we set high benchmarks for the sound quality and playability of our creations, be they single-flutes or drone flutes.

Crafting Excellence: 

Achieving our high standards is a meticulous journey. Every flute undergoes fine-tuning by hand in a detail-oriented process. Precision is key; hence, we standardize tuning under controlled conditions – a constant air temperature of 20°C and relative humidity of 50% to 60%. The wood we use is not just well-dried; it’s handpicked for its quality, ensuring each flute resonates with purity and clarity.

Finishing Touches:

The surface of each flute is treated with our homemade organic walnut stain and non-toxic oils, applied lovingly by hand. This process, free from chemical additives, takes about 4 weeks. It’s a time-intensive labor of love, where we refine the tuning throughout the manufacturing period. Before embarking on their journey to new homes, every flute undergoes a rigorous quality check, ensuring they meet our—and your—high standards.

Stay Updated: 

We continuously expand our range of flute models, each bearing the unique AMA signature of quality. To keep abreast of our latest creations and updates, follow us on social media and never miss a beat in the ever-evolving world of AMA Flutes.


The Essence of Our Flutes: Choosing the Perfect Wood

In the initial stages of his flute-making journey, Jakob embarked on a quest to discover the ideal wood for our instruments. He experimented with various local woods from the lush Black Forest region of Southern Germany, each with its unique characteristics and acoustic properties.

Through years of exploration and craftsmanship, we have found our perfect match in maple wood. This choice was not just about workability; it was a pursuit of the ideal sound. Maple wood, renowned for its exceptional acoustic qualities, has proven to be the best fit for achieving the signature sound that AMA Flutes are known for. Its resonance, durability, and aesthetic appeal make it the heart and soul of our flutes.

Maple wood’s natural characteristics align seamlessly with our vision, enabling us to create flutes that not only look beautiful but also embody the rich tonal qualities that every flute player seeks.

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