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Discover our range of Native-American-Style-Flutes and flute-accessories. We have both singleflutes and droneflutes available in different tunings.

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Our meditation flutes, which are made in the Native-American-Style-Flutes-Tradition are well suited for a broad variety of different use cases. All AMA Flutes are tuned to a pentatonic scale, so they can be played easily and intuitively by beginners as well as advanced flute players. Our flutes can be played by everyone, there is no prior musical knowledge or education required.

With their soothing sound, our flutes have a calming and grounding character and are well suited for meditation sound as well as guiding yoga classes. Additionally to a standard 440hz tuning, we also offer a tuning to 432hz and 528hz which makes our flutes perfect for sound baths and sound healing practices.

We believe that making intuitive music can be a deeply spiritual practice, where the musician can express very personal and valuable emotions so we made it our goal to give these emotions a voice with a high sound quality and a simple, yet aesthetic design.

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Customer Testimonials

  • It arrived today. I just tried it out a little. An absolute dream! I’m totally thrilled – with the sound, but also with the volume range. And it can be played super intuitively. Thank you very much!

    Sonja Kuhl
  • This unique instrument takes me on a new journey to myself every time. Not least the love behind every step in the creation of an AMA Flute, makes this instrument an everyday companion on my journeys.

    Luca Sumitra

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Do you use organic oils to coat your flutes?

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