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Bass Drone Flute – key of D


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Experience the deep, meditative soundscapes with our Bass Drone Flute in the key of D, an instrument that transcends mere music-making and becomes a spiritual companion on your journey. Crafted from the finest maple wood and adorned with a sacred moon engraving, this flute not only sounds divine but also resonates with the music of the cosmos.

Key Highlights of Our Bass Drone Flute:

  • Material: Premium maple wood, chosen for its acoustic and aesthetic qualities.
  • Engraving: Features a sacred moon design, reflecting the flute’s connection to tranquility and the universe.
  • Sound: Delivers a grounding bass voice that enriches your musical expression.
  • Fingerhole Design: Fingerholes are about 9 – 10mm wide, spaced for a full-handed play which may challenge those with smaller hands.
  • Finish: Treated with our homemade walnut stain and sealed with food-grade oils to protect and showcase the wood’s grain.
  • Custom Crafting Time: Tailor-made on order with a crafting period of 4 – 6 weeks, based on our order queue.
  • Tuning Variations: Choose from the standard 440hz, the earthier 432hz, or the healing 528hz frequencies.
  • Extras Included: Comes with a cloth storage bag and our special flute care oil to maintain its condition.

Please Note:

  • The pictures provided are illustrative. Given the natural variations in wood, each flute we create is as distinctive as the owner it will serve.

This Bass Drone Flute is more than an instrument—it’s a journey into the depths of sound, a ritual in each note, and a tribute to traditional craftsmanship infused with the spirit of innovation that AMA Flutes is known for. Add this extraordinary piece to your collection and let the music speak to your soul.

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