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Single flute – key of F#


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AMA Single Flute in the Key of F#

Immerse yourself in the harmonic blend of art and spirituality with our Mid-Range Single Flute in the Key of F#. Inspired by Native American design, this instrument invites you not just to play, but to connect deeply with every note. Each flute is meticulously crafted from select maple wood, symbolizing our devotion to traditional music and contemporary design.


Key Features:

  • Tonal Range: Mid (Key of F#) for a full, rich sound
  • Fingerholes: Approximately 8mm wide, placed to accommodate medium-sized hands comfortably
  • Design: Enhanced with a lovely engraving, merging functionality with decorative beauty
  • Material: Crafted from maple wood for its excellent tonal qualities
  • Finish: Stained with our exclusive organic walnut stain and sealed with food-grade oils for longevity
  • Length: Measuring 52cm, ideal for portability without compromising sound quality
  • Accessories: Includes a cloth bag and a container of our special flute care oil
  • Tuning Options: Available in standard 440Hz, with alternative tuning in 432Hz, and custom 528Hz available upon request

Please Note: The images used are illustrative. Wood, being a natural material, means each flute will have its unique variations in shape, color, and grain, ensuring your flute is uniquely yours.

Elevate your music collection with this AMA Flute, resonating not just with sound, but with the soulful touch of craftsmanship that defines our work.

Each of our flutes is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted to meet the highest standards of quality and musical excellence. Please note that creating your AMA Flute takes approximately 21 days to complete. This time allows us to ensure that every aspect of your flute is perfected, resulting in an instrument that truly resonates with your musical spirit.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this crafting process. The wait is part of the journey, and we are confident that the beautiful music you’ll create with your flute will be well worth it. Look forward to a musical experience that is as unique and special as the flute itself.



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