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Drone Flute – key of A


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Explore the Musical Essence with Our Top-Requested Drone Flute in Key of A

Delve into the harmonious world of music with our most sought-after Double Flute, perfectly tuned to the Key of A. Its compact design makes it an ideal travel companion, effortlessly fitting into any backpack and ready to create music wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • Tonal Range: High (Key of A), producing a crystal-clear and bird-like voice that is both warm and resonant, embodying the high range flute’s enchanting spirit.
  • Fingerholes: User-friendly placement, approximately 6-7mm wide, ensures ease of play for both beginners and seasoned flutists.
  • Double Flute Design: Offers a mesmerizing dual-tone, with the drone providing a fairy tale-like harmony to your melodies.
  • Material: Expertly crafted from maple wood for a durable and natural acoustic experience.
  • Finish: Beautifully stained with our homemade organic walnut stain and sealed with food-grade oils to preserve the flute’s aesthetic and sound quality.
  • Size: At a length of 46cm, it’s tailored for the musician on the move without compromising on tonal excellence.
  • Beginner Friendly: With its ergonomic fingerhole sizing and spacing, this flute is exceptionally welcoming for new players.
  • Accessories: Accompanied by a simple cloth bag and a container of our bespoke flute care oil for ongoing maintenance.
  • Tuning Variants: Standard tuning available in 440Hz, with options for 432Hz for a deeper timbre, and custom 528Hz tuning upon request to suit your musical needs.

Please Note: The images used are illustrative. Wood, being a natural material, means each flute will have its unique variations in shape, color, and grain, ensuring your flute is uniquely yours.

With our Double Flute in Key of A, you’re not just choosing an instrument; you’re embracing a portable, melodious experience tailored for both impromptu performances and structured practices. Elevate your flute ensemble with this AMA creation, where every note is a testament to your musical voyage.

Ready to ship within one week! Place your order for the Key of A Drone Flute today and enjoy fast delivery. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of your new flute very soon!

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