Flute Care and Playing Instructions

Flute Care

Flute Care

When playing the flute regularly the surface and the inner side
of the sound chamber will require some attention. Especially
the mouthpiece, which is exposed to the moisture of your
mouth the most, needs regular care.
For that purpose, you can use the tung oil, in the container
which came with your flute. Use it whenever you feel any kind
of roughness at the mouthpiece. After oiling your mouthpiece,
by simply applying some oil with your fingers, let it dry over

Every six months you should oil the bore (refined sunflower oil,
out of the kitchen :-)), the track and the bottom of the block
(with tung oil), check out our youtube channel ‘amaflutes’ for
an in depth instruction

Playing Instructions

When you are finished with playing your flute, cover the hole
in front of the block and blow strongly into your mouthpiece,
so that all the moisture in the track and the air chamber can
leave your flute

As the track of your flute is less than a millimetre deep, a
phenomenon that is called moistureclogg, can happen while
playing longer than 10 – 15 minutes. Then the tone becomes
weak and you have the feeling, that more air is needed to play
nicely. Cover the hole in front of the block with your finger and
blow as hard as you can into the mouthpiece. The airpressure
will blow all the moisture out of the track, and you can
continue playing. Alternatively, take of the block and dry the
track by using cloth.

Playing Instructions


If the sound of your flute sounds airy, or it does not make
sounds at all, make sure that the front edge of your block,
matches with the edge of the track, as shown on the picture

Flute Storage

After playing your flute, store it vertically. So the moisture from
your breath can be evenly distributed by gravity and find its
way out of the flute.

When you’re not playing your flute, you want to
store it in a cool and dry place, away from sunshine, heat and
humidity. DO NOT leave your flute in your vehicle on a warm
day. The temperatures inside your vehicle can exceed 60°
Celsius (~150° Fahrenheit), at which point the glues we use
may start to separate. If this indeed happens, the flute will
still be playable, but it will leak air.

Flute Storage