Droneflute - Key of D

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Finally our newest droneflute is availalble, we know that a lot of you have been waiting for this. The Droneflute in the key of D.

The flute has a lovley sacred engraving and it's relaxing and grounding voice makes it a perfect compagnion for your musical and spiritual journey.

The fingerholes are about 9 - 10mm wide and further apart then on our mid and high range flutes, which can be challenging to play for people with small hands

It is made out of larch wood, stained with our selfmade organic walnut stain and sealed with food grade oil

- This flute is only made to order, it takes around 4 - 6 weeks, depending on our workload -

The flute comes with a simple clothbag and one container of flute care oil

Like all AMA Flutes, this model is also available in 440hz or optionally in 432hz

- on request we also manufacture this flute in 528hz -

disclaimer: - the pictures in the description are to be understood as examples, since wood as a natural raw material varies in its shape, colour and grain. -

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